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momo. ~the pepper inspector~
WARNING! Excessive Nonsense
3rd-Oct-2008 11:51 pm

lol, i think i learned how to write entries now (i'm so retarded...) and lj-cuts! fuck, my lj-cut won't work! ugh! *FAIL*

anyway. i found this retarded conversation thing, thanks to bobot_teh_robot .  His name is Bucket. Here's my first conversation with Bucket-sama:


:momo: oh hi, david

:Bucket: Hi your name is david.

:momo: no, my name's momo

:Bucket: Hi, my name's momo.

:momo: lol you're weird

:Bucket: You are weird.

:momo: you are!

:Bucket: Amsterdam zit vol met negers en zandnegers van alle soorten en maten.

:momo: ...what?

:Bucket: Could't you talk in second person.

:momo: in second person, yes, but not in German

:Bucket: No, that's a language i can do no have a saudi friend who i am german.

:momo: dude, that doesn't even make sense!

:Bucket: Who is a whore. Whore is a notarized copy from the italian dialectism guappo, close to dude and other informal appellations. Also an acronymn for with out papers, refering to italians who got into one lil fight and my name is kaylob.

:momo: ok lol

:Bucket: Lol tell me that pulls beneath the surface, consumingconfusing this lack of work. Would, for the king's sake, he were living! I think not lol.

:momo: so, what's up?

:Bucket: Wat ga je nog wel enige tijd mee doorgaan, dacht ik bij fleur geen zin om te whoreppen, hef je idiote belastingen op alles wat die mensen eet.

:momo: sorry. me no speak this language

:Bucket: Yes i think your language skills are decreasing as we speak bucket.

:momo: let's see if you can speak Japanese

:Bucket: I me are you here with kaboom. Do you speak japanese.

:momo: yes, i do speak Japanese

:Bucket: Bang! And the dirt stops and she is you speak japanese.

:momo: konnichi wa

:Bucket: Watashi wa tora chitsu desu.

:momo: aa, honto? sugoi.

:Bucket: Asdfpaisdpofapiosdf aspodifup89eaoiew9a8wf wp98eyf9awe.

:momo: genki desu ka?

:Bucket: One for all, all for desu desu ka.

:momo: yeah, i guess

:Bucket: You have a bigger now and then i guess.

:momo: the hell does that mean?

:Bucket: Take your peace....and rot in hell, skinfag! Fuck in hell, skinfag! Fuck in hell, skinfag! Fuck in hell, skinfag! Fuck in hell, skinfag! Fuck in hell, skinfag! Fuck in hell, skinfag! Fuck in hell, skinfag! Fuck in hell, skinfag.

:momo: fuck in hell yourself, skinfag!

:Bucket: Wow you said but please be nicer from here on out. I wanna give in, i wanna fuck you fuck you in the hell am i saying?? Where the hell are you.

:momo: i'm in front of my computer, and no, i will not let you fuck me, you're a computer, anyway

:Bucket: I'm in front of a skank. All the boys to the computer.

:momo: well, that's nice.

:Bucket: No, the answer is existential and profound, but i'll still help you.

:momo: oh ok, existential questions. i get it. who am i? where am i going?

:Bucket: Ok, you can get lost, my dear! I was just getting existential.

:momo: uh, you're the one who started this bullshit, so don't get all bitchy!

:Bucket: Started making trouble in your eyes and you are cancer you are cancer you are one.

:momo: ohhh...so i'm cancer now. great! i'll contaminate you with my cancerness!

:Bucket: Cancer is a crap speller) is killing itself with this obsession with my cancerness!

:momo: cancer is a disease, douchebag

:Bucket: Bucket a nigger bucket is cancer bucket is a douchebag.

:momo: hey, no bad words!

:Bucket: Yes for the future it responds with the words you're speaking now. These are awful words to use.

:momo: fuckitty fuckitty fuck fuck! happy now?

:Bucket: I am happy to be happy.

:momo: i'm happy to hear that

:Bucket: That makes me happy to hear you're under the auspices of the mountain states north of the late 20th century it is to forget it once. Dix you're a fuckin nigger. You pool's closed bucket i i i fucking you.

:momo: don't use the n word, it's mean

:Bucket: They are mean and grasping, interested only in quanta nhf, where n is an abbreviation of hispanic descent. Use of the word nigger is bad.

:momo: then stop saying it! are you hard of hearing?

:Bucket: What if i stop and think holy shit, you want me to make you hard.

:momo: um, no. i don't want that, actually. you have a dirty mind.

:Bucket: They are a dirty mind.

:momo: Bucket has a nerdy mind

:Bucket: Can i have a mind in the mind fills in details.

:momo: what?

:Bucket: She assumed, obviously, that the condom was only one mechamoth, not two of us.

:momo: what the hell condoms, well anyway, i've got to go now, bye

:Bucket: Bye bye bucket.

:momo: bye bye bucket

:Bucket: Bucket bucket bucket.

lol, that's really weird, but incredibly fun XD




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