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WARNING! Excessive Nonsense
Delicious meat pie~! 
20th-Nov-2008 12:15 pm

Holy shit, it's been like, almost a month since I last posted!  Not as bad as one full year, though. I'll stop complaining. (-_-*)

Now, let's entry!!! (lol Engrish)  I'm sorry, I don't have a Bucket conversation this time (long time no talk (・Д・´) ). But I have another
interesting story!! More like disgusting...but it involves Sweeney Todd~so it's not so bad.
EDIT: STOOPID LJ CUTS!!! (they won't work!) Oh well, I'll just have to write it all here.

So, here goes:

Just a few days ago, I finally watched the Sweeney Todd movie. I watched it in the afternoon, with my mom and brother.

You remember the part where Ms.Lovett says she makes her pies (or whatever she calls them) with human meat, right? Well, my brother didn't understand it, so I explained him the whole thing. When I saw his face, I said jokingly: "Don't you want a nice piece of meat pie?♥" He was like EWWWWWW! It was funny. ノ(^ω^)ノ

But the irony is...I went babysitting that night, and guess what we ate? MEAT PIE~♥! ZOMG YAY! And just to add to my despair, one of the kids threw up...Σ(>∩<)


Epic, y/n?

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